Whole Family Model

Supporting the healthy development of children and youth requires supporting their parents’ ability to provide adequate care.

Grind + Growth supports the healthy development of children and youth; we give their parents the tools for adequate care, which centers on education, training, nutrition, and health and wellness classes. Grind + Growth’s whole-family wellness method covers systematic attention to the parents’ well-being and psychological needs, remedies to promote racial equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion. To foster dignity, love, and healing by empowering the whole family and helping them flourish.

Many social service systems approach family well-being from an individualistic perspective. Grind + Growth engages family well-being from a holistic view because family is the most important influence in a child’s life.

a happy family

Service Approach

Grind + Growth trains Family Advocates to mentor families to self-identify their needs while empowering them to reach their goals triumphantly. Family Advocates are dedicated to walking alongside families, creating innovative solutions, and providing tools and resources to attain their goals.

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